Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Here comes the sun

Seriously by the middle of May, I really think there should be a little more sunshine and warm weather. I know... how very British of me to be talking about the weather but I do like to spend time in the garden and there is a whole host of summery dresses that I would like to be wearing. Ever since our Yellow Day last summer, I have been rather enamored with yellow, probably because it is such a sunny colour. I've recently made a couple of yellow hair clips in preparation for the summer.

This one is a made from an old t-shirt and some left over yellow ric rac.

And this is one is crocheted lemon yellow roses

I've added these to my Etsy shop and whilst I was there I thought I might as well make a treasury of all the lovely yellow things on Etsy that I love but can't afford.

 Check it out here

The 36th AVENUE

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