Sunday, 20 May 2012

Riding bikes

I love my bike. I use it almost everyday. It's not fancy although it has had a make over (check it out here). I did think that the make over was complete but I have recently added a crocheted seat cover and embellished the bike lock with crochet stitches.

The bike seat cover

The bike lock

I have been riding around with a little one on the back for 8 years so I was really very sad recently when I finally admitted that Charlie is now too big to ride in the seat on the back as it is way to dangerous. 

 I started teaching Charlie to ride a couple of weeks ago but then it rained a lot and last weekend was devoted to Josie's birthday and roller skating so on the second day of actually trying to teach him, he has pretty much got it. I do have to push him to get him started but I am looking forward to riding bikes in the summer holidays.

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