Sunday, 13 May 2012


I recently discovered a blog, with brilliant titles for each of the posts, either witty or a play on words and I was really quite envious. Inspired, I thought that Rollerama was an accurate title for a blog about Josie's birthday weekend. The suffix -arama, originates from Greek and has something to do with a display or exhibit and there has definitely been a huge display of roller skating since Josie got some roller skates for her birthday.

Yesterday was her roller disco at Herne Bay Arena. I was slightly disappointed that the roller rink is no longer at the end of the pier but now located at the local high school. However once I was whizzing around, I could have just as easily been at my first roller disco in Australia 1980.

This is Josie outside the arena, trying to create our own special Xanadu moment. Actually Charlie paid Josie a genuine compliment which I have to record for posterity as I doubt that in the future he will always be quite so lovely (I've heard the things they say to each other at other times). He told her that when she got back from getting her ears pierced yesterday she looked like Olivia Newton John on the front of the DVD box for the movie Xanadu. Josie was very pleased because she thinks Olivia Newton John is very pretty and she loves that she now has pierced ears

Then today we headed off to Folkestone for some skating along the promenade (I forgot to mention I also got some skates for myself) I have wanted some white roller skates since I watched Xanadu at a drive in movie in Australia in 1980. Josie was actually really pleased that I had skates and could skate with her and teach her tricks, which was a huge relief as I could have just as easily been a total embarrassment and ordered never ever to skate again.

Skating along by the sea today is one of my most favourite things that I have done with Josie. We both love skating. For our final skating outing, we went around the coach park and Sainsbury's car park as both are quite on Christmas Day and Sundays and we have always taken advantage of that.

Seriously happy days

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