Sunday, 30 December 2012

#amonthof a-z

I have really enjoyed taking part in an a-z photo challenge for December as part of #amonthof and was about to spend the evening creating a collage of all my Christmassy photos when I realised that I had missed the letter Y and letter Z. For inspiration I turned to the Facebook page for the group and there was a very sad post from someone who had lost their mother over the Christmas period.
The holidays can be a very difficult period for a number of people and every family has someone that they miss. This is the first Christmas without my mother-in-law and despite my father having been gone for nearly 20 years, knowing and hearing of other people's losses just reminds me of how every second we spend with our loved ones is precious.
And so to finish off my month of a - z, y is for Yvonne, the name of the mother who died over Christmas and z is for zinnia.

With love to all those who have been loved and lost.

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