Saturday, 1 December 2012

The A is for advent, angels and art

 This year I wanted to do something a little different for advent. I know the children love them, but I do find it a challenge to get excited about the chocolate advent calendars they have pestering me for since the end of Halloween.

I feel like our advent should be a little more creative, possibly even challenging and although Josie's idea of a murder mystery is a bit gruesome for the festive season, I think there are elements that might work. my husband is even keen to get involved.

Last month I had a lot fun posting photos on instagram as part of #amonthof from #mycreative space so I am having a go at this months project, starting with the letter "A" which in our house was for advent, angels and art.

I intend to make a little stocking each day and place a clue inside for the advent mystery along with a Christmas related activity or challenge. Today's stocking was a granny square crochet one and inside was a clue that read

"In a cold dark room sits a lonely figure. Barely visible amongst the shadows, who owns this sad silhouette? Complete the daily challenges to solve the mystery of Advent 2012.

The stocking also contained some paper angels and whilst the children carefully cut them out and fixed them together, they speculated on who the lonely figure was, what had happened and what tomorrow's clue might be. They continued to wonder and question throughout the day and have gone to bed excited and intrigued about what tomorrow may bring.

Our first clue - angels

What would your "A" of advent be?


  1. What a brilliant idea! I absolutely love it! When my daughter is older I am definitely going to steal this idea... You could just keep putting your clues up here each day and keep the rest of us amused too!

    Ps. Loved your stall at the kids fete!

    1. Steal away and do please let me know how it goes. My littlest one is only 6 and he is loving it. I have no idea how it's going to work out because I'm developing the clues from the children's responses as we go along. And thanks for the lovely comment about our stall at the Christmas fair. I am a bit of a Christmas fan :)


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