Monday, 10 December 2012

J is for the Jesus Set

Every family has there own special dialect, a collection of vocabulary which is particular to them. These words or phrases are often part of the language acquisition process of children, words your little ones have mispronounced, invented and misused.  The Jesus Set  is a perfect example and was totally logical to a pre-school Josie. She had a farm set, a zoo set so it was obvious that  the Nativity was the Jesus set.

Today's clue was the scrabble letters in a harlequin crochet stitch stocking along with my Cathedral Precincts pass. This is our original Jesus Set and it has seen better days. This year I had to glue the trees back on, Joseph's staff has lost its crook and the donkey only has one ear, but it's our Jesus Set and is irreplaceable.

Every year at Christmas we head out after dark to see the Christmas lights in the city and our other favourite Jesus Sets. This one is set up every year in the window of the house we lived next door to when we first moved to Canterbury. It is totally vintage and completely fabulous with the most bizarre looking dollies. It is definitely something I aspire to should we ever upgrade.

The ultimate Jesus Set though and the highlight of our Christmas lights expedition is the one outside Canterbury Cathedral. There is something rather special about this life size Nativity set against the back drop of a spectacular Cathedral that we never tire of visiting.

This year the figures appear even more life like, they may have had a bit of a make over. I did like Charlie's comment about the figure in white being an angel with a rat on it's shoulder and of course there's his slightly distorted theory that Father Christmas is the grown up Jesus.

Do you have any family traditions or quirky phrases that are particular to your Christmas?

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