Sunday, 9 December 2012

I is for ice

Feeling so unwell is giving me plenty of time to lie around in bed and make tiny stockings. It's pretty much all I feel well enough to do as I can make them propped up or lying down.

This was today's, a hand quilted one made with some left over fabric from the apron I made my niece last year. It didn't take Charlie long to rearrange the old scrabble tiles to make the word "ice" and then off they went to the freezer to discover our activity beginning with "i".

I had frozen some bowls of water and made plenty of ice cubes and the children went about making their own ice sculptures of the North pole.

They discovered that if you held the ice cubes in place for 12 seconds they froze together. This is a super cheap activity (free), loads of fun and very festive.

We recruited a couple of tree decorations and some of Charlie's animals.

There was a fair amount of sculpting, which wasn't too messy, as it is only water and had the added bonus for Charlie, of being edible.

The children's fantastic creations have been placed in the freezer to set. We also need to make / find a few props before our own North Pole is finished so watch this space for more photos. Apologies for the poor quality of these photos. This is my first attempt at shooting ice and I wasn't feeling too good.

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