Thursday, 20 December 2012

Q is for quick catch up

 The run up to Christmas is so busy, what with the shopping and wrapping, the children's hectic schedule of parties, trips and performances and all number of Christmassy things that we want to fit into the days before the big day. We have been keeping up with our #amonthof a-z activities but I just don't seem to be finding the time to post about them so here is a quick catch up of what we have done and where we have got to.

M is for Movie and N is for North Pole. These two letters were done in the same day in one spectacular stop motion movie of our frozen North Pole which has been setting in the freezer since we made it on the I is for ice day of the challenge.

Josie was in charge of Rudolph, Santa and the word Merry.

Charlie  worked with the polar bear, elf slippers that we made on the E for Ebenezer's elf slipper day and the letters for Christmas.

O is for oranges and whilst Charlie was at a party, Josie and I got to work with the oranges. We made a delicious smelling pomander and dried, sprayed and glittered some orange slices.

 The whole kitchen smelt so wonderfully fragrant.

Josie did so much of the task herself. She went to the supermarket to buy the oranges completely by herself and I let her slices the oranges with my super sharp knife.

Finally on our Q is for quick catch up, P is for pretty paper. I have been known to save pretty paper and Paperchase is one of my favourite shops. Each January when we take down the cards and decorations and our house appears sparse and empty in comparison, I can't bear to throw away all the beautiful Christmas cards. So I save them and pack them away with the Christmas decorations ready to be transformed into weird and wonderful recycled Christmas creations the following year.

My little ones love searching out parts of the cards they want to use, chopping them up and then placing them together in new and original designs. This year we made upcycled Christmas cards for their school friends.

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