Sunday, 2 December 2012

B is for booty, buried beneath Broadstairs beach

Today was the second day of our advent mystery challenge and the letter B as part of #amonthof A-Z.
The children are already excited about what will happen next in the mystery, what the activity will involve and how the story will develop. I am really enjoying designing a new mini-stocking each day and inventing the clues.

The clue came in two parts: a roughly drawn map of Viking Bay, Broadstairs and the written clue.

The angel's glow has lit the gloom
Just take a look around the room
It now is possible to see
a list of words that start with "B"
 To discover the clue, you must be
Somewhere breezy by the sea
Think of pirates and you'll see
How many words begin with "B"

B---- b------ B---------- b----

It didn't take them long to work out the words - Booty beneath Broadstairs beach and to start to formulate the ideas and the need to go to Broadstairs. So we headed off and arrived at twilight and whilst the children and I watched waves crashing over the harbour wall and looked out to sea for pirate ships, my husband discovered the "X marks the spot" on the beach.

They dug up a box filled with chocolate coins and a bauble with a note attached "Help" it read on one side and "Rescue me" on the other.

What could this possibly mean? Who needed to be rescued? Had pirates really kidnapped someone? And why Broadstairs with it's Bleak House and strong connections with Charles Dickens? Much speculation followed whilst we walked around the Christmas Fair looking for further clues and mulled things over in Morelli's Ice Cream Palour.

Bleak House over looking the bay.
I wonder what secrets we will discover over the next few days. Is there a sad and lonely figure inside?


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