Monday, 8 November 2010

Black Magic

Sometimes before your very eyes, things change and you don't even notice. For example: Black Magic. I always preferred dark chocolate and so did my Mum. My Dad always used to buy Black Magic for my Mum and Grandma and I used to love choosing. It's quite funny how different boxes of chocolates remind me of different people. New Berry Fruits remind me of my Auntie Joyce, Quality Streets of my Grandad and Matchmakers of the one afternoon per week we used to spend at my Grandma's.

I recently came across an original 1930s Black Magic chocolate tin and it is so very stylish with its Art Deco design, delectable sounding chocolates and inspirational magical romance. My favourite was always the liquid cherry, so much so that I decided there is nothing better for chasing away the dark clouds on a dreary wet Monday, than Black Magic.

These days though, there are not the 12 different chocolates from the original 1930s collection. There are only six and sadly no liquid cherry. I was disappointed but it seems that after staying unchanged for years, Black Magic became far more sophisticated in the 1990s and changed to reflect the fashion for continental chocolates. However they have recently changed back to their classic favourites by popular demand of the fans and all without me even realising. I am glad that they did return to the classics but just wish there were a few more of my favourites. Perhaps it has something to do with Nestle taking over what was the quintessential English company Rowntree. Nestle is just a little too global for my liking, I think I would much rather the chocolates were still produced by Rowntree in York and sold in stylish tins.

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  1. I want a box now lol . Been years since i had black magic and didnt even realise they had stopped doing liquid cherry! I like all chocolate but i do remember once i had to have a bar of bournville available at all times ! Its going to be a box of black magic while i watch xfactor this Saturday now! x


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