Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mini Quilt No. 1

I'm still learning about making quilts. I've read blogs, books and watched videos on YouTube, but I really do learn by doing. I'm not one to be methodical, read and rer-ead the instructions and take a great deal of notice of what people say. I have to just try it and learn by my mistakes. This mini quilt took me a couple of days and I have learnt two very important things. I have finally learnt how to mitre corners, after several messy attempts on other projects. You need to have one long piece of fabric, measured, ironed and cut and you need to put onto a straight edge. This may not be news for those who have made quilts before but nowhere had I seen this simple and very important piece of information highlighted with enough intensity for me to take any notice. If it isn't long enough to go all the way around, ironed and all  the edges straight, it will go wrong. The second thing I learnt was, you can never iron enough. Stitch it, iron, stitch a bit, iron, stitch, iron, iron and iron again. I did not do this and the quilt is really quite lumpy. Actually it is very lumpy and not up to my perfectionist standard, but I know for next time... mini quilt no.2.

Oh and I also really do know now that you can not use material with stretch in it. The green cord fabric had stretch in it and distorted when I sewed. I have done this twice before and will not do it again (well I hope not).

It really does look very wiggly and lumpy but I am going to be making a few mini quilt place mats as Christmas presents for my family, so hopefully I can only get better.

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  1. I think its fab Susie !!! Inspired by your many talents im going to (try!) and make you a bracelet. Not only will it be made with love (and a beautiful colour i have chosen) but also with alot of "i hope it comes out as good as the ones you made me !" One things for sure it will be authentic ha ha ! xxx


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