Friday, 12 November 2010

Life is too short

Yesterday my dear friend Pippa died and a light went out in so many people's lives. Death is never that far away from you, be it an elderly relative, a work colleague, a good friend from the past or your child. Pippa was one of my closest friends from University, along with a couple of other girls, we were in each others projects, choreographies and performances throughout college. There are some people that you just get on with and Pip was the most beautiful, funny and endearingly genuine of people. Mostly I loved her for her observational questions of people's characteristics and mannerisms. She looked at the world, commented and asked with an innocence of actually caring about the answer. She saw the person and the purpose and that is a true quality for admiration. She was the most Welsh person, I have ever met other than my Nan's next door neighbour in Wales. She had the sunshine in her smile and a song in her voice. I remember her for her footprints, her perfectly acted role as the sleep doctor at my insomnia inspired honours project, our end of the evening "bicycles in trees" art installation, the most disgusting cocktail I've ever tasted in my life at our "we're not going to the prom" party and dressing like a princess when we did go to the Prom for my 21st birthday. Life is too short and too precious. Goodbye Phillipa Mahoney xxx

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