Sunday, 7 November 2010

Shining lights of spectacular colours

The dark days of November are weighing heavy on my spirit. The cold, bleak weather is drawing closer and I very much feel like I would like to stay inside and not go anywhere at all. I think that hibernation would suit me at the moment, sometimes life can be too harsh but I know that there are beautiful things all around me, I just have to try harder to see them. Through the low grey drizzle at the allotment, I saw shining lights of spectacular colours and remembered just why chrysanthemums they are the darlings of November.

This is my first year of growing chrysanthemums in my new cutting bed and they are stunning.

The red ones have the most buds on with the most flowers to look forward to.

The orange are the most flamboyant and blousy. They are such fabulous flowers, I can't help be cheered by the vibrant warmth. I 'm now looking forward to getting more and more colours and varieties.

For Jack x

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  1. Thankyou Susie ! I needed that! The pictures are beautiful and love that you always find something good about life even in the bleakest of days . I really love the orange one , great colour ! xxx


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