Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stir up Sunday

I really love traditions and spending time with my family. One of the best thing about the children getting a little bit older is that we can create our own traditions. On the first Stir up Sunday of my blog, I am going to have my first guest blogger - Josie. So in her own words, she beautifully describes what it's all about.

Stir Up Sunday (5 Sundays before Christmas)

Today I made Christmas Pudding with my dad. First we found all the ingredients and displayed them on the work surface. I took two cooking apples and started peeling them, whilst Mummy and Charlie chopped the almonds in the food mixer. Next I put nutmeg, brown sugar, raisins and a few other things in a huge mixing bowl and mixed them together. I wasn’t allowed to do more so Daddy did the rest. I just know one fact and that is they need to cook for 8 hours!

Charlie using the mixer to chop almonds

Josie's brilliant illustration of how to make Christmas Pudding


  1. Im loving your tradition stir up Sundays ! Cooking with the kids is always so much fun ! The xmas pudding sounds yummy !
    To Josie , your blog about stir up Sundays was lovely to read and your a very good writer just like your mummy . I love your illustration about xmas pudding ! xxx


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