Thursday, 11 November 2010

How to make a bean bag

Charlie and I have been busy today getting ready for his party. We recycled some plastic bottles, painted them and they are going to be for a game of skittles and we have made bean bags. Bean bags are the perfect thing to make with Charlie because he gets involved in every stage.

Step 1. Choose your fabric

Charlie is turning into quite a fabric addict, just like me. He wanted the above fabric in both blue and white.

Step 2. Measure it to get the highest number of bags from the piece of fabric, today we made them 15cm x 15cm which is quite a good size for bean bags.

Step 3. Sew two 15cm x 15cm squares right side together, leaving a small gap so that you can turn the bag in the right way and fill it. Charlie turns the wheel on my old sewing machine, lifts and lowers the foot when we get to corners and I guide the fabric. He also choose orange thread.

 Step 4. Fill the bag and then sew up the hole. I think this is Charlie's favourite bit. We use pretty much anything in the bean bag but today we used pearl barley which is really cheap and the perfect size grain.

We've made enough bean bags for each of Charlie's friends to take home in their party bags and he also wants to have bean bag races at his party. They are brilliant for small children to play catch with because they are easier and softer to catch than balls. Josie had the very clever idea of using the bean bags to throw at the skittles we made.

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