Monday, 29 November 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I've been singing the lines of that song for days now, looking expectantly out the window every morning for a blanket of snow or willing any snow flurries that do come our way to settle, but I'm beginning to feel a bit hard done by, a tiny bit left out. As the rest of the country appears to be in the grip of a cold snap, with record low temperatures and inches of snow, we have just had frost and a few flakes of snow.

These frost crystals are just so beautiful. I love the geometric formations, they are incredibly delicate and truly dainty, practically perfect.

I have also been crocheting some snowflakes, inspired by the lovely lady at Attic 24. They need to have the ends sewn in, be ironed and starched but they really are addictive to make. Perhaps I can make enough for my own sprinkling of snow as well as keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.


  1. I agree, every morning im at my window as soon as i wake. It was so lovely to see my children playing in the falling snow on Sunday . Fingers crossed there should be a blanket of snow in the morning. Enough to build a snowman or make footprints would be good ! I just love the sound walking in the snow makes , has almost a sound proof effect xxx

  2. my lot are most indignant that the snow has so far ignored Southampton, we thought you'd be covered over there!


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