Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Upcycling knitted tea cosies

There is a little of the charity shop old lady tea cosy about my latest project. The body came from a charity shop, I imagine it was made by an old lady but I am upcycling it into a fabulous knitted 'Garden Party' of a tea cosy, inspired and pretty much completely copied from the fabulous Loani Prior - Queen of the Tea Cosies from her even more fabulous book Really Wild Tea Cosies.

This tea cosy is going to be birthday present for someone who has been such a good friend. A tea cosy probably doesn't really reflect how brilliant she has been but it is being made with time, effort and love. I've made a start and am going to try really hard to get it finished, as the last two birthday presents I've made for her boys were late.

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  1. Hope you put a picture of final product on ! x


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