Friday, 31 August 2012

Better knitting but dismal photography

I am not one to be beaten by yarn and needles so I started my gloves project again. As there was very little wrong with the beautiful peacock vintage mohair yarn, I picked out some size 7 needles (see conversion chart below) and cast on a few extra stitches.

Courtesy of Simply Knitting

This time the gloves were far more successful due to simple things like counting the rows and the stitches and making both the gloves exactly the same. I know that they are better because I have finished them and already lost them to Josie who was my model for the disastrous but rather hilarious photo shoot.

It was getting a bit dark so we went outside

Herbie kept getting in the way

And then Josie really get the giggles

I'm just pleased she likes them.
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