Sunday, 19 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 30

My perfect Sunday is one of simplicity, the beach in the morning and the allotment in the afternoon. Despite leaving for Botany Bay early, the beach was packed with happy people enjoying the beautiful English summer time.

 The children played in the sea with our little boat, it clouded over and then Josie and I swam in the sea in the rain. I haven't swam in the rain since I was a teenager. It was perfectly warm, a touch on the humid side actually but the rain splashing on the sea was rather lovely.

They do look like little angels.

After this mini heat wave. the allotment was in need of a drop of water and I was very grateful to have my little helpers drenching everything.

My sunflowers are also enjoying the warmth of late summer.

And I like nothing more than cycling home in the twilight with a basket full of goodies including my sweet peas which always smell delightful.

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  1. Another lovely day....I love the photo of the sunflower particularly, it's gorgeous. We have spent lots of time on the beach in the rain this summer, when it's warm, it doesn't really matter does it! My girls have discovered body boarding, I bet your 2 would love it. xx


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