Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 24

There are people who travel half way round the world for their holidays. They spend time checking in at the airport, squished up for several hours on an aeroplane and end up in some truly exotic. I do like to travel and see the world however I am just as happy being crammed into the car for half an hour and heading back to basics at a campsite on the Kent coast.

Today's camping expedition, with our Lemonade Stand partner family, really promoted the independence of our older two. Whilst I took the littlies in the car with me, the other mum took our nine year olds on the train with their bikes and then they cycled along the seafront from Deal to Kingsdown.

 They even got to go back to the tent by themselves after rock pooling whilst we spied on them using the super zoom on my camera during our clifftop walk.

They are still too young for champagne though, that was just for us mummies.

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  1. that sounds absolutely lovely! What an experience for the older ones...wish we could do it again soon xx

    1. I do think Kingsdown has everything you need, especially if you like taking photos, like we do x


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