Thursday, 16 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 27

 Last night we collected enough raspberries from the allotment to make some jam which was perfect for a sunny breakfast in the garden this morning.

Broadstairs is almost my favourite place in the world and this week is Folk Week so the perfect seaside destination to take my mum to. Broadstairs has such a traditional British seaside feel to it, that you can't help but have a rather lovely time.

Throughout August there is the twice daily Punch and Judy show with Sponge Bob Square Pants joining the more traditional Punch, Judy, Baby, Policeman and crocodile. Both Charlie and Josie felt the need to leave the show to come and tell me that.

We all had a dip in the sea and the waves were a bit rough so several went over the children's heads.

It was a touch chilly with the sea breeze.

And the caterpillars have doubled in size to 6mm

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  1. another lovely day - we are still in wales enjoying the rain, and today i heard my bank card has been cloned and all our money stolen- great. Your day sounds infinitely better than ours!! Your jam sounds lovely, i have lots of blackberries, I could make it if i knew how to- and the photos of the kids are wonderful xxxx

    1. That is awful, poor you. Jam is very easy. I will post a how to xxx


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