Monday, 6 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 17

Today's post is dedicated to a make over. We are all packed up ready for our holiday. Josie spent the day at a friend and I allowed Charlie to remain glued to the computer, iPad and TV as we are off to live without electricity for a few days.


This is a rather shabby looking plastic photo pocket display that I have had since Josie was born. Quite a few of the pockets were ripped and it was definitely looking a little worse for wear. Despite taking digital photos everyday, I very rarely get them developed. I have kind of got out of the habit. I ordered some last week and the postman brought them today, which was actually quite exciting.


I modge podged a piece of white fabric onto the back so that it would hold all the ripped pockets back together. Then I used a scrap of fabric to bind the edges and filled it with photos of our recent exploits.

I stitched the binding on to reinforce everything and stop the whole thing falling apartf and picked up the scraps off the floor and plaited them into a new hanging cord.

I even mitred the corners which is a skill I mastered by watching videos on YouTube.


  1. hurrah! I appear to have done it! That is lovely, as ever, you really inspire me xx


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