Friday, 3 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 14

August is month of plenty at the allotment. Every time I go, I get to bring back a basketful of delights. Two years ago when I got my second plot which is by the river, I had ambitions of a willow wigwam and flower den area at the bottom for the children, edged with wild strawberries and a mini orchard of fruit bushes. The willow wigwam is now on my second attempt but the flower den is beautiful this year, the fruit bushes are coming on a treat and there are wild strawberries for the children to pick at will.

The brilliant thing about raspberries is that they creep. They use a little bit of land and they sneak of the next closest free space. They do in fact spread like weeds if left unchecked which is exactly what I've done at the other end of this plot.

Freshly picked raspberries, warmed by the sun, truly are delicious and the perfect snack for my mini helpers. I like to grow nettles on my plot especially for these little ones to hit with sticks or at least that's my excuse.

Guess what happened next.

And then?

Meanwhile, I got on with enjoying my beautiful and deliciously fragrant flower den.

Totally cheerful sunflowers.

This one is so frilly.

A tiny spider has made this one its home.

Climbing up through the sunflowers are my sweet peas.

I love so many flowers but sweet peas definitely have my vote for fragrance.

Delicate, fragrant and simple.

And finally the beetroot that we made into beetroot chocolate fudge cake.

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