Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to knit gloves... badly

As if my knitting wasn't bad enough already, I decided to have a go at my own free style pattern and although creativity is fabulous, when making gloves, I feel that there does need to be a bit of consistency. I am not the type of person who can bear to wear odd gloves, irregular patterns are fine as long as the irregular patterns are the same on both gloves. 
I had no doubt that I was likely to stray on to another project between gloves so made a few notes as I went. I was completely confident that I would forget which needles I used, number of stitches cast on and crazy deviation from an actual stitch that would manifest itself in my project.  I veered away from the cheaters lace stitch pattern I found on the Internet after just two rows. (You can find the original pattern here)

I used 3.5mm needles

Cast on 32 stitches
K2, P2 to make a rib however long it happens to be ( I was hoping that I could measure this as I certainly did not count the rows)

Then I did a few rows of what I think is called stocking stitch, once again I was hoping that measuring would work

And next I did the fancy stitch -  *P3tog, leaving all 3 sts on left needle. Purl first st on left needle again (still leaving all sts on left needle). P first two sts on left needle together. Slip all 3 sts off left needle. 
K one row
P one row
And then repeat from *

It wasn't long until I realised what a complete disaster the gloves were as they were far too small and more the size of an iPhone cover which is what I turned the glove into. I added a lovely vintage brass button and am rather pleased with it.

Catch a Glimpse Button

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  1. At least now your iPhone will be toasty LOL. I love the color and the button. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

    1. Quite right, nothing worse than a chilly iPhone. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment

  2. You're a braver man than I am, Gungadin! Knitting is just beyond me though I can turn my hand to just about anything else crafty. I once ( and only once ) knitted something that was then known as The Ugliest Scarf in the World. Ha ha ha big family joke!
    What are you going to tackle next?

    1. It's always so lovely to get a comment from you Whitney-Anne, it just makes me feel that there is that bit of extra support out there for my crafty adventures. I think you should give out your needles and give knitting another go. You can't be any worse than me :)


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