Monday, 20 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 31

Today has been my least favourite day of the summer holidays. My husband and I were up for a large amount of the night with Charlie as he has some nasty bug. My boy is usually larger than life, similar to an unstoppable tornado wreaking havoc throughout the house, but when he's poorly I can't help becoming tearful. He is still actually quite tiny and vulnerable. He was burning up and all I could do is watch him anxiously as he drifted in an out of sleep on the settee.

 I managed to get a few jobs done around the house including sewing labels into the new school uniform and a little bit of gardening. The usual noise, laughter and shouting was replaced with hushed whispers so that we could allow Charlie to rest. Josie and I did some yoga in the garden.

I was quite envious of Josie's flexibility and slightly saddened by the decline of mine. I very much hope that Charlie is feeling better tomorrow and that he sleeps well tonight.

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