Sunday, 21 October 2012

Awaiting the chrysanthemums

 I'm getting the hang of this growing flowers business now. For years I have watched Gardener's World and wondered just how these gardeners manage their succession of flowers. Their gardens always look spectacular all year round. The amount of time this must take. The planning, the planting and the reviewing of successes and failures has always been completely perplexing.

When I say, I'm getting it, I actually mean that I have flowers to pick for a large chunk of the year which is not quite the same as a stunning garden / allotment but flowers make me happy so I'm pleased.

As the sunflowers fade at the allotment, my dahlia collection is glorious in my garden (albeit a touch bedraggled today) but I am waiting for the chrysanthemums. I love how they take just seem to take forever. I have lots of chrysanthemums all over the place that I have grown from cuttings and they all have tiny little buds. November isn't really known for it's abundance of garden flowers but I am waiting patiently for my chrysanthemums.

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