Friday, 19 October 2012

Settee Life

As I enter my third day with my foot up on the settee, I reflect on what I have learnt whilst having all this time imposed on me to reflect and rest. The first thing is that I am totally rubbish at sitting still. I am up and down and up and down, just getting this, wanting to just quickly do that... I know that I am not sitting still because it takes a lot of organising and comfort making to sit on a settee with your foot and ice pack resting on a pile of cushion. (Fortunately ice becomes less effective after 48 hours which I am pleased about because it is such a faff).

 My second observation will come as no surprise to my husband (he did tell me last night to just sit and watch TV and stop doing lots of other things.) I do overload myself with things to do. I am sitting on the settee, but I have two crochet projects with me, the laptop, a book, wires and electronic devices all over the place. I am writing this blog, intermittently crocheting, popping into the kitchen to do the odd job, downloading / uploading photos and trying to learn all about blogging from the fabulous Pip Lincolne (Meet me at Mike's) and her Blog School.

I have however finished my before and after / upcycling project from last week. It's a wonderfully cheap frilly pillowcase transformed into a petticoat because there can't ever be too much pretty stuff in my world, even if it has shrunk to the size of the settee.



I am rather pleased with it and of course it would go much better with my vintage ox blood boots than with my crochet cushions but then that's settee life for you!

My lovely flowers from the brilliant WI Ladies - Thank you for you kindness and thoughts.

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  1. I was smiling reading this post as i'm exactly the same. I'm preggy and trying to take it easy in the afternoons so i'm also into serial, seated multi-tasking! Love the petticote, such a clever idea!

    1. Thanks for your comment Max and I am totally with you on the serial seated multi-tasking, I think not sitting down whilst I'm sitting down resting is my talent.


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