Friday, 26 October 2012

Cooking disasters

This morning I have had a cooking disaster. I was thinking about my blog school homework and how wonderful it would be to blog about a delicious recipe each week so I tried to make a healthy Halloween style recipe. I do already know that replacing baking powder with bicarbonate of soda in a recipe will only end in tears but that did not put me off giving it another go. It was my husband after all who when making my birthday cake a couple of years ago, discovered just how revolting the finished product tastes.

I was so excited and had my new skull and pumpkin silicon muffin mold but I did not have any self raising flour or baking powder. Please let this be a lesson to myself ....Do not ever, never ever use bicarbonate of soda instead of baking powder ever, ever, ever again. I even made some little mini ones with olives as eyes and extra cheese.

They look delicious but sadly they are completely disgusting. I have wasted my time, ingredients and morning and now have nothing homemade, healthy and Halloweeny to take with us to visit family at the weekend, well apart from jam and pickled beetroot.

At least our healthy lunch for today has turned out well and is worthy of a Ridgeway recipe post, especially seeing as I grew the kale and chard myself on my allotment.

I was considering popping to the shops to get the right ingredients and having another go at the carrot and cheese muffins but I've used the muffin mold to make some spooky green jelly with edible red glitter.

Fingers crossed 
  • They make it to my brother's safely
  • The turn out beautifully when I tip them out of the molds
  • Most important, all the little ones like them
(Thank goodness for apple bobbing!)

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  1. Hello Susie, thanks for following my blog, I hope you're enjoying blog school! I'm so sorry to see that your muffins were not as tasty as you hoped, I make fluffy pancakes with bicarb of soda but always thought the taste needed improving, I will try baking powder next time! Hope your foot is feeling better and you have a good weekend, Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel, I love your blog. I'm a child of the 70s so you are my kind of gal. Do you like vintage kitchenalia? I'm a massive fun of yellow and orange Tupperware, red Skyline utensils, turquoise Pyrex......
      Let me know how the pancakes turn out


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