Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mad Hatters Gravy Train

There are those who are rule makers and those who are rule breakers. I would almost definitely say that should anyone ever put me in the rule maker box, they have in fact missed the essence of my personality. Not that I don't ever pay attention to rules but really I work in education and how much of what we are supposed to do, actually really matters?

Could it really be coincidence that on the very same day, that we go to see The Lorax at the cinema, a kindly lady posted a newspaper article on our WI Facebook page about the EU and their health and safety warnings about reusing jam jars? Health and safety legislation has done a fair amount of good; the rule about zoo keepers not going into the enclosure with the tigers at Howletts for example is a good idea because zoo keepers got killed by the tigers there. Perhaps my notions of world jam domination in my recycled jars with homegrown raspberries needed some curtailing? Maybe after the success of my first jam school, my ideas of bigger and bigger and bigger needed crushing? Although unlike the destruction of the rain forest or as in The Lorax, the extinction of the Truffula Trees, I don't really think the reuse of jam jars is much of a crime. And if I do get caught selling my wares by the EU bureaucrats then I will just have to give all my jam away as personal and private gifts.

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  1. I love the pretty crochet on this jar. Such a lovely blog, informative and intersting. :-)


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