Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Other people's lives

 When one has suffered depression, unhelpful thoughts are rather like an over stuffed cupboard, ready to spill all over the floor at any given moment. For most people, an injured foot is just an inconvenience which can easily be resolved by some rest and ice, but for me it's another battle against the ghosts and difficulties that linger, casting shadows over my attempts to be upbeat and dismissive about a simple accident.
So as I sit here with my ice pack on my swollen and bruised foot, with my tear stained face in a fog of doom and gloom, I am wondering to myself, "What would Audrey do?". After all, if I am to be sitting around all day with my foot on pillows, I should really consider trying to make the most of my time. Moreover as my life today is not going to be a thrilling whirl of society events (I'm not even going to make it to the WI AGM tonight), then I shall look to elegant inspirational figures such as Audrey Hepburn, visit all my favourite blogs and explore other people's lives in order to escape my own.

A couple of today's most delightfully distracting discoveries from the settee

  1. Photography Tuesday - Jane Brocket's Yarnstorm - Jane's blog is always such a joy and this post had all the right elements for escapism as it comments on Cecil Beaton's current photography exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and includes what must be one of my favourites distractions ever, The Bright Young Things. This has of course improved my outlook greatly as I am now listening to Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies and wondering whether I can really live without a vintage copy of the original Penguin issue.

2. Vintage Ceramics by Bloesem Vintage - How could I ever be down in the dumps when there are vintage ceramics to look at and daydream of a time when my house can be filled with the most beautiful of beautiful? And then when I was all done with ceramics there were the posts about children's illustrations.

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  1. Hope you are feeling a lot better today. I missed you at WI last night.

    1. Thank you for your message, my foot is still hurting but I had the loviest bunch of flowers from the WI which cheered me up no end :)

  2. hello, just visiting from blog school! this looks like my kinda place. have a great weekend x

    1. Hi Max thank you for your comment, I'm off back to blog school later on today, see you there x


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