Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tea in Halloween Land

This pumpkin was inspired by Heart Handmade UK .Claire has been posting the most beautifully decorated pumpkins all week and barely a scary face in sight.

Poison ivy, homegrown Jack be Little Pumpkins and corn on the cob, pumpkin soup recipe, conker characters, crochet pumpkin and miniature book of spells - our Halloween center piece.

This was one of my first attempts crochet toys three years ago.

Happy Halloween

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  1. Omg those are class! I love them! Are the wee ones artificial? X

  2. The little ones are real. We grow them every year in memory our baby Jack (the pumpkins are called "Jack be Little". Thank you for your comment, it's an honour to have you at Ridgeway Cottage x


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