Friday, 12 October 2012

Knitting and Stitching at Alexandra Palace

I enjoyed the knitting and stitching show at my beloved Ally Pally in North London, my old home town, so much that I would not even know where to start. My head is still spinning with all the inspiration and ideas that got crammed in there yesterday, that I do in fact have a headache from an overload of beautiful things. The place was packed with people, wonderful stuff and knitting and stitching.
So as I am struggling to put my hundreds of thoughts on my day out in order, here are some photos and my five favourite things about the show.

 No. 1 Going by myself - sitting on the train by myself, walking at my own pace, eating when I wanted, seeing what I liked and pleasing myself (you appreciate this luxury if you have children)

 No. 2 Meeting the Jane Brocket, the amazing lady who inspired me to write a blog and follow the gentle arts of domesticity. Both the wonderfully personable Jane, her beautiful books and words and the crafting have helped me so much in recovering from loosing my baby son. I was able to thank her in person for her inspiration and get a signed copy of her latest book The Gentle Art of Stitching

No. 3 Crochet - I love everything crochet, I think that is definitely my favourite out of all the knitting and stitching crafts.

No. 4 The Knitted Village -what's not to like? My favourite part though was the veg in the veg patch.

No.5 The call out over the tannoy for a missing husband. Brilliant!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day. Wish I could have gone! Did you buy anything?
    (if you did, bring it to WI!!!!)

    1. It was fabulous. I bought Jane Brocket's new book, some vintage lace trim, and three balls of yarn. I'm busy making some lacy crochet gloves, I will post when they are finished.


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