Friday, 5 October 2012

Charlie and mummy day

It has been a while since we've had a Charlie and Mummy day. Before he started school, we used to get two Charlie and Mummy days a week but now he's at school on the same days and Josie and off on the same days. Today as it was a staff development day at school, Josie went to London with a friend, so Charlie and I went to the zoo. Charlie has loved animals since he was a tiny boy. Previously we had an annual pass at Howletts, part of the Aspinall Foundation which expired a couple of years ago. Lately Charlie has been asking to go to the zoo so I couldn't really miss this opportunity.

 Howletts and it's sister park, Port Lympne are not your average zoos. They were both derelict properties purchased by John Aspinall  to house his growing collection of animals. Howletts was the family home where his passion for animal conservation was funded by his successful gambling career.

 These animals do not have pokey little cages but large spacious enclosures; the animals at Port Lympne have sea views and the rhinos at Howletts have under floor in their double bedroom.

As a charity, the Aspinall Foundation are very much focused on the conservation, committed to the protection of endangered animals and the preservation of the habitats.

If ever you were a little worried that zoos might be a touch cruel and voyeuristic,then these two animal parks are definitely the place to come. Every penny this truly magnificent silver back earns from the public watching him lording over his troop helps to save his cousins survive in the wild.

Charlie playing the gorilla conservation board game

Both parks are incredibly beautiful in their own right, surrounded by stunning woodland and filled with unusual plants and eccentric sculptures. There truly is so many wonderful things to look at, Charlie and I had the most fabulous day.

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  1. Wonderful! I was so enchanted with your day~
    It reminded me of my last time at the Zoo. My son was 5yrs old and he loved the day~ When he was 3yrs old, this is all he wanted for his birthday was a Zoo cake and to go see the animals! Thank you for the wonderful dance down memory lane :D

    1. Thank you for your comment. That's what Charlie wants for his birthday. A trip to the zoo with his friends and a zoo cake!


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