Friday, 9 December 2011

Angels - 9th December 2011

Christmas is a time of great happiness where friends and family return to everyone's thoughts and arrangements are made to get together and celebrate. Children are filled with the magic and there's that special something in the air. For most people angels are as much part of the festivities as the nativity, the trees, the lights and the presents. With the wind howling through the trees and the rain lashing at the wind, tucked up under my first quilt is the ideal place to watch Clarence get his wings in It's a Wonderful Life and then there are the exquisite and ethereal vintage angels of the traditional Victorian era.

My happy memories of childhood family Christmas celebrations are sprinkled with a dusting of sadness because those very people who were so dear to my heart are either far away or no longer here. I have my own family now but even that one is not entirely complete and we have our own baby angel living on in our hearts. For some people the sadness, loneliness and desperation of such a family centred time of year can be so overwhelming which is perhaps why angels offer solace by symbolising hope, purity, comfort and consolation.

For everyone who has an angel watching over them at Christmas or throughout their life, I wish you love, peace and happiness.

For baby angel Brooke

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