Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stockings - 22nd December 2011

I'm having too much fun making things for Christmas to come and go as quickly as it does. There are still so many thing that I want to make and only two days left until the big day and then the Christmas making will come to end for another year. I'm also lucky to have had little helpers with most of the things I've made and I think that's what has made it so much fun. Today we made mini Christmas stocking with some of my scraps of fabric. They honestly were super simple and my friend's son has made one for her with very little help from me, however I can't post a picture of that one as it's a surprise.

First of all I cut a very simple stocking shape from some old red fleece and then we cut out shapes from scraps of fabric to create the design.

The machine sewing was a joint effort, I did the steering and Josie and Edward turned the wheel. We did a zig zag design to catch the edges of fabric.

Finally the children hand sewed a plain piece of fleece to the back to create a stocking which was stuffed with chocolate coins.

I did blanket stitch around mine but the children simply over sewed which was much easier for their little fingers.

This one is Josie's which she gave to her dad.

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