Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hot Chocolate - 1st December 2011

As I head towards the end of my year of taking a photo each day, I thought it might be rather fun to make a bit of diary for December and photograph all things marvellously Christmas and festive.

Today was out first winter hot chocolate day, as the children arrived home from school soaked through. Once the heating was on and coats were drying over the radiators, we did go to town on rather special seasonal hot chocolates. Never more so than with hot chocolate, the fun really is all in the making as I don't even like hot chocolate.

Charlie and I took it in turns to whip up some cream.

Then added the creative toppings which included the whipped cream, crumbled flake, sprinkles, maltesers, marshmallows and edible glitter.

And finally I treated myself to one maltesers, a green tea and all the tidying up.

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