Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas List - 15th December 2011

Charlie has been researching items for his Christmas list all year. There hasn't been a day where firstly he hasn't watched adverts and secondly hasn't shouted, "I want that for Christmas". This week both the children have written their letters to Father Christmas and sent them off to the North Pole. Thanks to The PortableNorthPole they have received a video message back from Santa confirming their present requests and their current position on the 'nice' list. All this wishing and believing has made me think what I would ask Santa for if he had enough room on his sleigh for presents for mummies.

No. 1 A vintage Cuckoo Clock

No. 2 Vintage Stratton Powder Compact

No. 3 Top Shop Green Fake Fur Coat

No. 4 The perfect fair isle cardigan

I wonder if I'm on the 'nice' list....

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  1. You should definitely be on the nice list and get at least one of your chosen items. I found a broken cuckoo kind of clock in the Pilgrim's Hospice shop in Margate recently. It is one of those with a weather man and lady but they don't pop out anymore whatever the weather because it's broken. I still had to buy it though because it's so pretty. Put it on your pinterest board. I haven't done mine yet...x


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