Saturday, 17 December 2011

Josie's gingerbread house - 17th December 2011

It's only natural for a parent to feel pride when it comes to their child's achievements and for me, Josie has always been rather brilliant at drawing. I love her pictures and the way she interprets the world, the inspiration of reality with a large spoonful of imagination and Josie's rather adorable twist on how she would like the world to be. She does really like to get involved in whatever doing too and was quite keen to do a bit of lino printing. The cutting  part is a little dangerous and by the time I had finished that Josie was fast asleep so I also did the printing myself but the design is completely Josie and she did it directly onto the lino. Then with the frame we brought today, it has become a fabulous Christmas present for Nanny.

I liked it so much that I have also done a framed copy for us and we have used it for some Christmas cards. I imagine that Josie and I will be doing some more lino printing in the future.

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