Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas wreath - 20th December 2011

Charlie's fascination with Christmas wreaths is quite endearing and has also meant that we had to make another one today for the front door which was actually quite a lot of fun. Thanks to the advice from a good friend, we started with a wire coat hanger as a base and wrapped a little old fleece around it.

I am lucky to have plenty of evergreen foliage in the garden, including rosemary (which smells delightful), verigated ivy and eucalyptus. I did a bit of wiring, poking and generally wrapping in a rough circular shape.

The best part though, was employing my little helpers to make strings of popcorn. They were brilliant and although they ate a fair amount of the popcorn, the strings turned out perfect and so did the Christmas wreath.

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  1. WOW it look amazing! Glad to have been able to help the Queen of Crafts with my tip x


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