Thursday, 29 December 2011

The end of an era - 29th December 2011

It's seems that there is always an end to things, no matter how much you want them to continue, people and their circumstances changes and the world just keeps on spinning. I remember every single one of my inspirational dance teachers, as they are a group of people for whom I have the greatest admiration. For me a life without ballet would be a sad one but one without dance, an impossibility. Changes are a foot at the gym which mean I am no longer able to attend my much loved fitness ballet classes, but perhaps this is the push I needed. Perhaps I will now take that plunge to return to the ballet of tights and leotards, of plies, port de bras and enchainements. So it is regret that I say goodbye to Fitness Ballet, DW Fitness and the completely fabulous Kirsty.

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