Monday, 12 December 2011

Signs of spring - 12th December 2011

I know it's a little optimistic as the year is yet to reach it's shortest day but nevertheless the shoots of spring bulbs are poking through the soil in several corners of the garden. They are such brave little troopers, defiant in the face of  the several frosts they still have to weather. Undaunted by the wind and the rain and any amount of deep snow, they hold their ground no matter what, pushing shoots upwards and onwards. They eagerly await the warmer spring sunshine as much as I do and brighten the dark December days with their promise of vibrant cheerful colours.

And on the same morning as the shoots were happily nestling in a frost free pocket of the garden, I also took this photo of ice patterns on the car. I am so glad I have taken most of my geraniums in and mustn't forget to get the rest of them under cover before it gets truly icy.

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