Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in photographs - 31st December 2011

On the 1st January this year, I set myself a challenge to take a picture everyday for a year and I did it, I completed the challenge and now have a unique collection of photographs that reflect a whole year of my life. I still have to add some photos to my picassa daily photo album but they are on the laptop and ready to go, probably the ideal job for New Years Day. Here are some of my favourites, one from each month.

Tulips - January 2011

Herbie - February 2011

Josie - March 2011

Bluebells - April 2011

Rhubarb Champagne- May 2011

Home sweet home - June 2011

Camping - July 2011

Charlie - August 2011

1st day at school - September 2011

Alexandra Palace - October 2011

Sparklers - November 2011

First craft fair - December 2011

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