Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Fair - 2nd December 2011

Anything worth doing is a lot of work, but it's time, effort and thought that makes things worthwhile not the end product. I can honestly say that I have invested heart into Ridgeway Cottage so it was with pride that I strolled into Charlie's school with my vintage cream suitcase, ready to set up stall with a lovely friend full of our handmade crafts. Over the past few weeks, I have spent every spare moment crocheting snowflakes, lino printing cards and adding detail to price tags ready for today and that makes the achievement even greater, especially as it's been a bit of a rocky week. Well actually most weeks have their ups and downs but today has been a success in so many ways.

I was actually quite pleased that I only sold one of these red stars as they are now hanging in the window in the kitchen. 

I sold all but two snowflakes at the fair however another friend has asked for those and I received a little order from the headmistress of the school for a few more.

It's quite wonderful to be in the position to say that I was disappointed to have sold this embroidered stocking. I was rather hoping to hang it on my own bedroom door on Christmas Eve but it was bought for a beautifully little baby for her first Christmas. How lovely to think of her growing up, being so excited about when the stocking I made is hung on her bedroom door. That truly is priceless.

The little monsters were a complete success and I could have sold many more of them, especially the ones with eyelashes. Luckily I was left with two so I was able to give them to my brilliant helpers, Charlie and Josie. I must give credit to Allison Hoffman from CRAFTYisCOOL for the inspiration.

Our stall

And finally the money that I did make today, that wasn't spent by my children on the other stalls, I have given to my fabulous husband. Not for the money but as a gesture to show him just how much I do love him and appreciate all the support, kindness and understanding he shows me. For without hard work and someone to appreciate it, things would just not have that special magic of Christmas.

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