Monday, 18 October 2010

Another new project

I am going to have to admit to being the type of girl who does not always finish what I have started. Well, not straight away. I believe I do finish each project eventually or at least I hope I do. I definitely do finish things if they have been promised to people, so Theo I will certainly knit your second bootie before I start making Joe's bag, although I already have so many great ideas for it....

One of the best things about crafting and being able to make stuff yourself is that you can make it exactly how you want it, in exactly the colours you like. How else would I be able to find a quilt to go with the new room that Charlie would like with farm animals on one wall, dinosaurs on the second, zoo animals on the third and pirates on the fourth? My new project is a quilt for Charlie's birthday; a dinosaur, pirate, zoo animals quilt in 'boy' colours with stripes.

I have already cut out all the pieces, sewn more than half together and plan to use an old sleeping bag for the wadding and backing, so I am quite optimistic that I will finish this project and hopefully before Charlie's birthday. It isn't that I don't want to finish the other quilt I started, I do and it looks fabulous, it's just so large that it needs my undivided attention and lots of space. That is probably the reason, I have so many unfinished projects. They are all ones that can't be done so easily whilst looking after children or with the distracted state of mind I am currently suffering. Life is a bit of an endless project really, always some more to do to it, a few bits and pieces to change, little areas that just need finishing off, but never enough time or space.


  1. Life is an endless project which always has a few bits that need finishing off - brilliant quote!

  2. Makes me realise that i dont have to finish something right away, can always come back to it..............


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