Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lovely weather for mushrooms

In this part of the country it feels like it has been raining for ever. The days are getting darker and colder, I can't even remember when I last managed to get to the allotment. It isn't so easy to tend to the plants when I don't have the option of going after Mark returns from work. The light drizzly rain is however perfect for mushrooms. They are springing up all over the place and I love them; their weird and wonderful shapes, subtle colours and the way they grow in little groups.

When I was a child, autumn was always a time to go mushrooming. The rolling Chiltern Hills around our village with pools of mist, woodlands and hedgerows were filled with mushrooms. I do wonder now whether my Dad, who was a keen mushroom hunter, was more lucky than an expert. I tried to identify the mushrooms I saw this morning and was completely bemused and rather scared by how similar the edible mushrooms are to those which are deadly poisonous. Maybe I should contact John Wright, of River Cottage fame. He even has courses called Mushroom Forays. That would just be so much fun and how brilliant to pick your own for mushrooms on toast.


  1. I agree about the mushrooms! we have had a giant crop suddenly spring up on our school field. There are at least 6 different types, all different and pretty. I took my class on a tour of them, they were amazed and excited, then we went on a wander around our other field looking for baby mushrooms and found loads! we agreed to call them toadstools as they may have been poisonous. i wish I knew which were edible!

  2. They are brilliant. John Wright is doing some mushroom forays in the New Forest. I would love to go. Have a look at the link. I just really wanted to pick the mushrooms and have them for lunch.


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