Thursday, 28 October 2010

A day out in Canterbury

Today has been such a wonderful day full of all the good things that school holidays are made of it would be difficult to pick what to blog about. We've done some historic visiting for Josie's half term school project, piratical rubustifications for Charlie to enjoy at lunch time, discoveries and a little bit of sewing. A day jam packed full of happy members with my lovely children.

We chose very carefully when we wanted to move out of London and Canterbury is perfect. We can walk everywhere including a Roman Museum which is right in the centre of the City. Josie liked the museum because it was full of information about Romans, she was able to make lots of notes in her secret diary and learn. Charlie liked it because there were displays about food, cooking and kitchens and you could touch some of the displays. I liked it because there was one door in and then you had to go downstairs to Roman Street Level and therefore there was very little chance of either child escaping and I could leave Josie alone, learning whilst I followed Charlie who run around touching everything.

Charlie checking if the fruit was real or not

Josie making notes about both of our favourite exhibit, bone hair pins and definitely my favourite of her notes (see Josie and Charlieisms)

The greatest part of today's day out was the discovering of a new independent children's bookshop (Kings English) in Palace Street. The children loved it, especially the cushioned reading den. They did not want to leave and when we got home we made a dinosaur reading cushion, inspired by the shop.

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