Thursday, 14 October 2010

Little Ruperts

Canterbury is like a mini City, everything that you could want from a City but in a much smaller version apart the cathedral, which is actually quite grand. There is a museum full of little bits of everything from the ice age right the way through history to our favourite part, the Rupert Bear Museum. The museum is so sympathetically designed that you can in fact skip all of the history and go straight through a second door to the "kiddie area", as Charlie calls it. On the second Thursday of each month, it is the Little Rupert's story time in the Rupert Bear Museum. The children sit on the lily pad cushions and are read a story, Rupert Bear and his friends, which includes his best friend Bagpuss (who also has his own little area of the museum) are invited out of a story sack for a sing a long and then it's the craft part of the morning.

Today's theme was Halloween and all things spooky which meant we read "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson and then made Gruffalo Masks. Charlie had so much fun but did not really want to have his photo taken in his mask with the other children so we put it on Rupert.

It really is a brilliant place to go. Charlie loves the "kiddie area", the knights' armour and all the weapons (he is such a boy), Josie is really interested in history and wants to read everything about everything and I adore all the Mary Tourtel and Alfred Bestall original painted illustrations for Rupert Bear. They are truly beautiful. I also love the World War II artifacts, in particular there is a chest of drawers filled with sewing paraphernalia to support the "Make do and mend" slogan which is a philosophy we would do well to think carefully about today. There are blogs devoted to this ideal and even a website Make do and mend. I'm always inspired to make my own clothes but haven't really done so for years. I think I shall put a skirt on my endless list of projects to do. I also couldn't mention World War II without including my favourite government campaign ever: Dig for Victory. Perhaps some of the country's problems might be addressed today if it were to be reintroduced.


  1. That looks like a great place to go! I like the 40s WW2 posters as well, I love the art and simplicity and common sense! squander bug, save your food for pigs and the land army one with the girl showing her muscles saying we can do it are my favourites.

  2. It is a great place to go Amanda ! My kids and i have been sooo many times . I always have trouble getting them home ! Its brings back lots of memories and i love watching the frog song with Paul Mcartny at the end. Im so glad you mentioned this on your blog today Susie because have just realised i havnt been there for a while . Dont you just love the giant snakes and ladders!!!!!!!!!! and i still havnt mastered drawing Rupert xxxxxx


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