Sunday, 24 October 2010


Today we invested in a family membership for Wildwood and it truly is a magical place set in the most beautiful Kentish woodland. We hadn't been since Josie had her fourth birthday party there as an individual visit is quite expensive. However for two adults and up to six children, it is only £6 per month and worth every penny. A good friend gave me a leaflet about the upcoming events after reading my blog about wild mushrooms because there is a Fungal Foray there next week. Apparently it is sold out but people do drop out and I'm sure that if I'm persistent, I'll get a place. I've also booked the children in for Hallowe'en crafts later in the week. They have a fabulous collection of native British animals: beavers, badgers, deer, foxes, mink, otters, owls, pine martins, pole cats, squirrels and wolves. I especially liked the cavern you can enter to view the pole cats sleeping in their dens.

There's also an adventure playground which the children loved. They were able to whizz around the shortest route in record time, so that they could go back to the playground and run around and around the Wild Fort and swing on the swing that gave Charlie a 'tickly tummy and heart'.

Still on the road... I went for my second run this week this evening and this time I went to Jack's grave. I think it's about 6K or 7K there and back but my ipod wasn't working properly so I couldn't record the data to send it to Nike+ . Even after a 5 month break, I'm still under the spell of Nike+ and the statistics addiction it inspires; to tracking every detail of your run, the on going count of the number of kilometres you've run since joining, how fast you've run each kilometre since and that joy of Lance Armstrong telling you, 'Congratulations that's a new personal best for the mile'.

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