Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chilean Miners

In general my blog, Ridgeway Cottage, doesn't really comment about news. I feel I am mostly too sensitive for it. It upsets me and reflects all of the sadness that goes on in the world. However I have been closely following the story of the trapped Chilean miners. To be confined to a small space underground would be my worst nightmare and I could not imagine having to be a miner as a job. But here they are, all 33 men, living together, sharing experiences and waiting for today. For this news story is one of great happiness, smiling faces, love, hope and reunion. To see the face of someone you love after such an ordeal must be incredible. Each man will appreciate everything they see around them, like seeing again for the first time in weeks. Sometimes we take the world around us for granted and don't always see it for what it is. Life is precious and fragile, one moment can change it forever.

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  1. I feel exactly the same, i much prefer a good world to the one captured by the news sometimes so i dont watch or read about it either. Although today my client told me about the miners and although sad that they were trapped just showed how ,when in situations like that mankind sticks together. The feelings when the families were reunited must have been incredable! You just cant beat a happy ending ! xxxxxxx


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