Sunday, 3 October 2010

British Design Classics in Red

Red is a hugely symbolic colour in many cultures. When I was a small child, red was my favourite colour. It is warm, vibrant, dramatic, romantic and dangerous. It is also the colour of some truly beautiful and unforgetable design classics and today I saw three of the best gathered together for the Broadstairs Food Festival.
There's always something wonderful to see in Broadstairs, I never get tired of its seaside charm. If I were to live in a seaside town, I should like to live in one of those squares with a small communal garden in the middle. Today I found one almost suitable, but without a garden and a car park instead, which isn't quite so charming. It did however have two British design classics in red, sitting side by side.



             The post box and the telephone box

The routemaster bus

The bus had been turned into the cafe and looked perfect parked on the clifftop. The children couldn't resist having a look inside. Charlie was particularly excited that you could have your lunch in there and they had ketchup. It brought back so many memories, I can remember the penalty fair being £10 for the buses and the London Underground tube trains, which seems like a life time ago now. The bus is a true design classic in red.

Josie and Charlie by the Victorian Bandstand, Broadstairs


  1. that is just memories of London! I loved the red routemasters especially the curly stairs, the string bell and the cosy seat at the back. The first one i went on on my own was the 69 to stratford from leyton, mum said i had to ask for a half. I felt so grown up. there was an old victorian pillarbox like that one in walthamstow village, many times i took school trips up there to draw it! another lovely day for you, and the kids look so sweet!

  2. I park in that car park when i goto lillyputs! x

  3. I love design classics in red. When I lived in Battersea I had to get the number 19 (I wonder if it was the one in your picture?)from Picadilly to Battersea bus garage. I love the curly stairs, they are so shiny.


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